Civil Services

The Ampitheatre is an open air Theatre with a centre stage, located between the shooping arcade and Hudco’s pollution control tower over the car parking basement. The Ampitheatre is in use for organising various cultural functions such as : Fashion shows, Live band performance, performing social and Artistic events etc. giving Hudco Place lots of mileage.

Cascade & water fountains
In between B Block and C Block of Ansal Shopping Arcade below the first floor level connecting bridge, a cascade and water fountains have been provided to present an aesthetic and soothing view the visitors.There are 6 submersible pumps of 20 HP each (2 as a standby) for water circulation to form the casacde 2 pumps of 3 HP each (1 as standby) have been provided forming water fountains towards the Ampitheatre.

Car Parking Basement
A Car parking basement in two levels has been contructed having buildable area of 25,000 sq.mtrs. havng 2 gates (1 entry and 1 exit) at upper level and 2 gates on lower level (1 entry and 1 exit). providing parking space for cars in upper and lower level i.e. for a total for 654 cars. including subway for the passage of vehicles.

Zonal green is also called as Hudco Udyaan,located at Hudco Place in the heart of south Delhi within a stone’s throw of Siri fort / Asiad Village Complex and is spread over 18 Acres Stretch land bounded in north by Andrews Ganj Quarters, in south Sadiq Nagar Govt. Quarters,in West by Khel Gaon Marg and in East by Govt. Quarters. Flanked by Khel Gaon Marg and Joseph Brz Tito Marg.This highly beautiful and highly maintained public park provides jogging path waterbodies and enormous types of seasonal flowers within this park,which is also offering anAdded Attraction to the entire Hudco Place Project. Almost 50% of Green Zone has unique LandScapes and greenery containing Shrubs,Trees, Creepers, Flower Belts etc. Having a high standard of maintenance.