About Us

Zonal green is also called as Hudco Udyaan, located at Hudco Place in the heart of south Delhi within a stone’s throw of Siri fort/Asiad Village  Complex and is spread over 18 Acres Stretch land bounded in north by Andrews Ganj Quarters, in south Sadiq Nagar Govt. Quarters, in West by Khel Gaon Marg and in East by Govt. Quarters. Flanked by Khel Gaon Marg and Joseph Brz Tito Marg. This highly beautiful and highly maintained public park provides jogging path waterbodies and enormous types of seasonal flowers within this park, which is also offering anAdded Attraction to the entire Hudco Place Project. Almost 50% of Green Zone has unique LandScapes and greenery containing Shrubs, Trees, Creepers, Flower Belts etc. Having a high standard of maintenance.

Promote the development of sound human settlements with due consideration to the socio-economic aspirations of the people especially the poor, providing for space planning and built forms which meet the needs, life style and aesthetic urges of the people.

Promote sustainable development giving due regard to environmental consideration and protection of the life support systems.

Promote high standards of ethics amongst professionals involved in habitat development giving precedence to the needs of the nation, the city, the community and the client over personal benefits and advising and guiding citizens and the clients in the best interest of the human environment.

Uphold the standards of professional practice and ethics laid down by the Council of Architecture and professional bodies such as Indian Institute of Architects, Institute of Town Planners and Institution of Engineers and behave and conduct in a manner befitting the dignity of the professionals.

Establish required relationship between art and habitat and promote them in a manner which satisfies the human urge for creative activity. Provide encouragement to students and young professionals, assist them in professional development and motivate them to establish high standards of ethics and performance.

Give special attention to the habitat related problems of the poor, encourage and motivate professionals to evolve solutions for resolving these problems through appropriate studies and research and provide professional services of high standard for dealing with the complex problems of settlements of the poor.

Organise conferences, seminars, training courses, workshops, etc. to facilitate interaction between the city administrators, professionals, artists, artisans and the people thus providing a useful forum for interaction on vital habitat related issues.

Undertake publication and documentation of material on diverse habitat issues including regional and city planning, habitat development, building technologies, development of poor communities, development of arts and such other matters.

Promote centres where professionals of various disciplines involved in habitat related activities as well as professionals of various other disciplines can provide services of high standard to the community in an integrated manner.

To set up building technology and heritage centers in the country, for training artisans in fabrication of various low cost building components, maintenance of properties of heritage significance and carry out demonstration projects and do all such other things and perform such acts as are appropriate or necessary, for achievement of these purposes.

Provide services on ‘no Profit no Loss’ basis for the development and/or management of built spaces for the benefit of the community with the objective of establishing desired standards of environment, architecture and maintenance.

Do all such other lawful things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects.